Planning an Epic Bachelor Party in DC

If you want to plan an epic bachelor party, instead of going to Vegas which is quite common, you should consider taking the party to DC. There is a host of logistics you will need to work out before the fun can begin but since everyone will be drinking, the first step is to hire a charter bus DC service. Now that you have the transportation settled, you can begin looking at working out the other logistics.

Importance of Planning in Advance

One of the most important things you can do is begin planning the bachelor party as soon as possible. If you leave it wait until the last minute, the range of options that are available to you will be greatly impacted. What you need to do is determine how many people will be going to the bachelor party, this is a vital number since there is limited seating on the charter bus. Another reason to have an accurate headcount in place is to make sure you have enough seating for the catering. When you have the headcount in place, you can begin contacting various caterers to sample the food that they will be serving for the bachelor party.

Selecting the Right Entertainment

Along with catering and transportation, you will need to secure entertainment for the bachelor party. It could be watching a hockey game or perhaps heading out to a club for a night out on the town. Whatever you are going to be doing, it is vital you use the charter bus to ferry the entire entourage including the bachelor to and from each and every venue so every stays together.

When you have covered all of these angles, you can move forward and enjoy the bachelor party so be sure to start planning now.

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