Darcy’s Place: Now Serving Something New

 Yoohoo! Been busy for just few weeks (just few weeks.. right.) in school and recently, I had no time and effort to write up something till last week when we we’re invited at Darcy’ Place at their new location in Damosa, Lanang. I was also excited as we’ll be reunited with #3J again and this means more fun! 😀

Darcy’s Place opened last year at their former location in Sobrecarey St. I’ve known this one over Facebook and never had a chance to visit the place as I really don’t know where it’s located and never been to that place before (or never knew that I’ve passed it). Now conveniently located in Damosa, Lanang, it may be a bit far from the old location BUT it’s now easier to find.

As you may have noticed, Darcy’s Place is filled with panda stuffed toys that you would utter words like “Aaaw, Kawaii, Sugoi, Cute!”. Books, paintings, mugs added the homey atmosphere of the cafe and I’m satisfied with it as it made me more comfortable to eat and drink whatever I’ll order.

When you’re into “home away from home” kind of thing, just expect warm lights illuminate the whole place and you’ll feel cozy right after. Whenever I visit this kind of resto that provides comfort, I would sneak a chance to take a picture of it and just appreciate how beautiful it is! 😀

The reason we’re invited to their place is to try their new food that it’s not out of their menu yet and I’m kind of nervous that they’re depending on our reviews. It’s like their life is in our hands (sort of).

This first dish is called Texan Roadrunner and it’s still vague to me why is it called the Texan Roadrunner. Nonetheless, it has a meatball on top which gives out salty flavor but it’s also being neutralized with other flavors that would balance everything. Overall, it’s a great dish to eat for the second time. 😀

The second dish that was served to us is the Pan Seared Chicken with White Wine Reduction Sauce. This dish comes with Pasta Aglio Olio which is one of my favorite pasta dish to eat. The trademark of this dish that I’ll remember is the feeling of eating white wine in a form of this dish. Everything was perfect from the pan seared chicken to the pasta. The flavors were superb and would love to eat this one again!

The third dish was the Hawaiian Chicken and immediately, I’ve noticed the generous serving of this dish and if they serve me this one, I would be one happy customer and I’ll be delighted to eat this! Of course, both the chicken and Pasta Aglio Olio were delicious and the sauce that gave more flavors to the dish. But, surprisingly, the sliced red bell peppers tasted really good! This dish would look much better if the pasta is in the bottom and the others on top.

Sorry for the demise of Dory, the blue amnesiac fish from Finding Nemo as here it is, served as a mouthwatering Cream Dory with Apple Sauce. And no, they didn’t cook Dory FYI. We didn’t eat her either. 😀

This is by far, one of the most delicious dish I’ve tried as the sauce was perfect with the cream dory. The flavors were in the dish and in harmony with other ingredients best paired with sliced veggies on the side. This would be a perfect lunch if ever I’m in  Darcy’s Place.

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