Chowking’s Panda Pao: Too Cute To Resist!

Meeting with a friend comes with surprises and indeed I was surprised when my supposed to be my bonding with milk tea, it turned out to be a love affair with Panda Pao thanks to my friend Lindsey Rex and his mother who insisted that I have to eat something since we’re already in Chowking that time. 😀

Even though I tried to resist with the offer, she handed the money to my friend and I’ve got nothing to do but to proceed with the counter and order something that I haven’t tried in Chowking. After scanning with their menus posted above, I decided to try out their “cute” Panda Pao! 😀

This Panda Pao is such so cute that some might not want to eat it and just be contented on how cute the panda is. But since I really want to try this, my craving won over cuteness thus, I decided to just eat this Panda Pao and explore what’s inside. Price: 49 Pesos.

As what I’ve said, craving won over cuteness and I ate this Panda Pao like a carnivore who just ate an endangered specie but this cute specie happened to have delicious fillings too and it’s chocolate!

Well, I’ve just got to tell all of you that it’s oozing with chocolate that it’s so hard to say no in many ways. For those who loved the Panda Pao, I’m so sorry but I had to eat it and it’s a treat from my friend’s mother so who couldn’t say no? Me! 😀

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