Callalily’s “Flower Power” Album Tour @ SM Lanang Premier

I rarely go to rock concerts here in Davao. But if given a chance, I want to watch a band that has established itself and made a name here in our country. It’s why when I was invited to watch the album tour of Callalily at SM Lanang Premier, it’s my chance to at least, watch them perform and listen to their songs.

Callalily is one of the leading rock bands here in the Philippines and since their appearance in the television, they gained followers and eventually, fans who listened to their songs. Their lead vocals is Kean Cipriano whom is the most popular among the band as he also performs in ASAP and part of the cast in Banana Split and Banana Nite.

The Stage
When I arrived at the Fountain Court, the stage was already set and the audience in front were already on their seats. Luckily, I saw Ms. Acey Puno on the side of the stage and I went inside. This was like a chance for me to witness this close during the concert! I also saw fellow blogger Jasper Jay and had a chat for a while before the concert starts.

Minutes later, Callalily arrived and the fans went crazy as they’ve attempted to snap a picture of them. When they reached the stage, they performed songs from their latest album “Flower Power.” As expected, it was really loud which made my heart thumping in every beat. I was alright though. 😀

Every end of their song, he thanks the fans for coming and watch them perform. This was also perfect for us to cover the concert and we were free to roam around just to get a good shot or video.

During the concert, he talked to his fans about their plans that they’ll come back here in Davao for another concert and come April, they’ll hold a full concert as to express their love of Davao fans. The audience went ecstatic when they heard the news as this will be a great treat for them. When it was the time to perform their final song, he asked the guards if they could come near the stage. The audience couldn’t wait much longer as they hurriedly went near the stage and with the help of technology, they were equipped with cameras and phones.

Of course, the album tour wouldn’t be complete without the “Meet and Greet” which is an opportunity to get close with the artists. And for the audience to meet them, they must at least buy their album for them to sign and just chat a bit. They really did great in this album tour although they performed only a few songs, I think they performed well. Thank you SM Lanang Premier for the invitation and Ms. Acey Puno for accommodating us! We had fun! 😀

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